Academic Conference 2017 Executive Committee

Aura-Elena Amironesei – Coordinator

Aura-Elena AmironeseiAura-Elena Amironesei is a second year undergraduate student at the Faculty of Law, ,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Iasi University. She became part of UN Youth Romania – Iasi Branch in October 2016 as a member of the Human Resources Department, being an innovative, motivated and result-oriented volunteer.

She is also a member of the European Law Students Association since October 2015, working in the Seminars and Conferences Department. She has a broad experience in coordinating and organizing events such as:,,Drug trafficking and human trafficking” Conference, The Judicial Café, Legal Professions Admission Conference, ,,GeomondIS” National Contest and International Study Visit to Bruxelles.

Furthermore, she has invested a large amount of time in volunteering for humanitarian causes and youth development programs by being part of the Save the Children Organization for 5 years. From an early age, she became involved in numerous international science projects and contests, such as ,,CanSats in Europe”, ,,Leonardo da Vinci” Program, iGeo and Institutional Study Visit to Bruxelles, all of which have contributed to her growing interest in research and foreign affairs. In October 2016 she officially became a law researcher with a research project that extends over the course of 2 years. Her ongoing interests include international relations, diplomacy and human rights.


Serban Petrariu – Co-coordinator
SONY DSC Serban is a 12th grade student in Roman, Neamt. He started volunteering a year ago when he applied for UN Youth Association of Romania, Roman Club, joining the Public Relations department. „Having a pas sion for graphic design, I decided to be a part of the PR department because I wanted to develop the image of Roman Club.

Over time, I gained skills and knowledge in this field. Honestly, I do not think that I would have acquired all of these without UNYAR and especially without the people that I have met.” Serban used to be deputy of the Public Relations Departament and due to his work and dedication he soon advanced to be the first regional director of UN Youth Association of Romania Iasi Branch. At this moment he is a key person for the Association and his main purpose is regional development. Through his involvement in the Association’s projects and activities he is promoting UN values among young people from all over the country.


Maria Andra Caunii – Marketing coordinator

Maria Caunii

Andra Maria Caunii is a student at Costache Negruzzi National Highschool of Iasi and she is looking forward to applying to Law University. She has been a member of UN Youth Association of Romania-Iasi Branch, Marketing Departament since November 2016. She strongly believes in all the values that our Organization promotes and loves every aspect of her activity in her departament. Moreover, her interests lie in international affairs, politics and economics. Maria insists that democracy is the key to obtaining peace and security in the 21st century and she has been active in similiar projects such as MUNs, academic debate competitions and Europen Youth Parliament, searching for constant improvement in this domain.



Cosmin Voica – Administrative Coordinator

Cosmin Voica is a 12th grade student of National College Roman-Voda located in Roman, Neamt county. He applied as a volunteer to the UN Youth Association of Romania Roman Club in May 2016. After successfully passing the interview he fitted in perfectly with the Marketing Department.

He’s characterized as being open minded, easily being able to get into contact with lots of people, putting to good use his persuading skills in this department. “After spending all this time in the Association I have improved myself, getting to know a great amount of people with whom I’ve shared quality time and unique moments” Cosmin strongly believes in the power of young people to influence and change the world they live in, making it a better place. In order for this to happen UN fights for promoting their goals and values, reaching a better understanding not only between people but countries as well.


 Alina Georgiana Postu – Social Events Coordinator

Alina Georgiana Postu is a 1st year student at the “Psychology and Education Sciences” as well as the “Philosophy and Political Sciences” of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi. She is a member of UN Youth Association of Romania-Iasi Branch, since October 2016, in the Projects Departament. One of her principles is that the new
generation is truly capable of the change that needs to happen in the world, but far too few people are aware of the power they have of doing that. She believes that the main purpose of the Association is reminding the youth that improving society is not an utopic goal. For this reason, she is interested in International Relations and is involved in projects such as MUN, coordonating the MUN Club of the Association.


Bianca Tizu – PR Coordinator

Bianca Mihaela Tizu is a 1st year student at the Faculty of Computer Science, A. I. Cuza University of Iasi. She is a member of the UN Youth Association of Romania since November 2015 and starting from the UN Youth Association of Romania-Roman Club. After a year, she moved to Iasi, when she decided to continue her way in UN Youth Association of Romania- Iasi Branch, because she was involved in all the projects under the aegis of the Association.

In Iasi, she used to be the Deputy Director of the Public Relations until she collaborated with the team for the advertising concepts that brought about valuable national and international visibility to each of the UNYARo projects and events. Now she is the Director of the Public Relations of the UN Youth Association of Romania-Iasi Branch. She wants to change the world, because there is a new generation who can live in a better mentality. Also, she thinks that „Diplomacy is the art of saying „Nice doggie” until you can find a rock.”, as Will Rogers said.


Marian Nechifor – Human Resources Coordinator


Nechifor Marian Gabirel is a 10th grade student of natural sciences at the „Emil Racovita” National College of Iasi. He has a great interest in organic chemistry and physics, but also in literature and history. Marian started debating in the spring of 2016 and has since found and developed an ardent passion for international politics and especially for territorial conflicts between states. He has only discovered volunteering since the autumn of 2016, but he looks forward to devoting a large part of his time to it and aims towards long-term involvement and results.


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